Confused About Purchasing Music Online? Read This

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Buying music has become a nuanced market. Today, there are numerous methods of purchasing and consuming methods, so deciding which one is best for you takes some consideration of your needs.


iTunes music is best for individuals in the Mac “walled garden.” iTunes on PC is a less than stellar application, and Apple devices work better in that ecosystem. iTunes users tend to have iOS devices, and iTunes will authorize up to ten devices for usage with the service, so you have some sharing options with your library.


The Amazon cloud player runs from a website, so users can stream music they purchase through their browsers. The service tends to have a wider selection of indie titles than iTunes, and it competes with Apple on price. Amazon used to offer DRM free music, but the service has since been changed to limit access to 10 devices through Amazon’s mp3 application.

Google Music

At a lower price point than Spotify, Google Music offers an “all-access pass” to music on a monthly subscription basis. Rumor has it that the selection is also greater than Spotify. Like Spotify, Music has a radio service that helps match you up with artists you would like based on your current library.


The service many people will recognize as the premier music rental service is Spotify. It’s a mobile and desktop application that allows users to build playlists, share with friends and explore new tracks via the radio feature. Spotify gained prominence when they pushed Facebook integration, allowing users to show each other what they were listening to through Facebook’s news ticker.

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