The Benefits of Soundproofing Your Car

During your average car ride, you experience a multitude of outdoor sounds coming in through certain areas of your car. The average car won’t do much to prevent the sound from coming in – picture driving full-speed on the freeway. A torrent of sound can easily penetrate the interior of your car.

Not only does this added sound create an annoying sound layer, but you’ll also have to speak louder to your passengers and raise the volume of your music – which isn’t the best for your ears. Luckily, there’s good news. By installing sound deadening foam or products in your car, you can minimize the amount of sound coming through from the outside creating a more comfortable environment for you and your passengers.

By adding sound proofing foam or materials to your car, you’ll experience an immediate beneficial effect. Sounds will be dramatically reduced, almost similar to using an ear plug. As the sound hits your car it gets dampened by the sound deadening materials, blocking much of the outside noise. While it’s not completely silent, you’ll notice a significant improvement from before.

When you first go out to purchase your sound proofing foam or materials, you’re going to want to focus on quality more than anything. The higher the quality, the more sound you’re going to be able to block out effectively.

There are also sound insulation kits that provide an easy and efficient solution to sound proofing your car. Your local car parts shop should carry these at a competitive price.

There are certain areas in your car that require you to pay more attention to. You can consider these the “hot spots” where noise frequently comes in more than any other part of the car. Doors, the car floor, behind the dashboard, and the wheel-wells are all places that should be dampened a bit more than other areas. Focusing on these four areas will provide the most solid returns that you can get with soundproofing. Note that buying more soundproofing materials won’t guarantee anymore dampening and will only provide minimal results.

If you find your car to be unbearable in terms of sound rushing in, then soundproofing your car is the way to go. It’s easy, efficient, and relatively cheap. Your music can be played at a lower volume level and you won’t have to scream over each other to say a simple sentence on the freeway.
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