Day one of Womad – what are you enjoying so far?

If you’re at Womad this weekend, this is the place to tell us what you think of the festival so far

We’ll also collate your views and pictures if you tweet @guardianmusic using the hashtag #womad


WOMAD Photograph: WOMAD

If you’re at Charlton Park today – Friday – we’d love to hear what you think of the action so far: what do you make of the weather, the organisation, the vibe and, most of all, the music? Tell us here and we’ll pull the best of your comments into our daily review, updating it as we go along in the spirit of collaborative – or open – journalism. (You can see what we make of it all so far here.)

Using Twitter, please also send us your pictures of the festival – or anything else you want to tell us. Again, we’ll incorporate everything into our coverage – so send what you have to @guardianmusic using the hashtag #womad.

If you’re reading this on mobile, you can find our Guardian tent on site, opposite the Siam tent. There’s a team of people there who can help you sign in to using a number of Blackberry devices.


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