The Benefits of Making Music at a Young Age

Article by Phineas Upham

Although a previous study by Kirschner and Tomasello found that making music at a young age enhances pro-social behavior, a new study builds on the previous study and analyses the effects of music making on not only pro-social behavior but also co-operation and problem solving skills, Science Daily reports.

Conducted by researchers at the School of Psychology at the University of West London, the study found that children who played music were thirty times more likely to help than children in the no music group. The study also revealed that all the children in the music group co-operated six times more than those in the non-music group. In addition, the study also set out to find if there was a difference between boys and girls and found a significant difference. For example, girls were more likely to co-operate and help than boys; however, boys were more likely to problem solve.

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